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Say No to Gas Turbine Plant in Ellwood, CA

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Southern California Edison wants to rebuild a gas-fired power plant in Ellwood!

Our community thinks this is a bad idea because:

-It would be located less than 1000 feet from Ellwood Elementary School!

-It would create a heath risk because the plant would emit cancer-causing particulates. -The noise pollution would be as bad as a freight train running around the clock.

-The plant would cost ratepayers $32 million as a “stranded asset” if forced to close within 10 years due to excessive carbon emissions.

-It would not solve our local energy reliability or resiliency problems.

-We would prefer that SCE invest in renewable energy to meet our local energy needs! 

We need real solutions. Santa Barbara Resilient, Reliable, Renewable is a campaign of The Safe Energy Project and strives to create, store and distribute 100% renewable energy locally within five years, so that no neighborhood has to be a sacrifice zone for the sake of energy production. You can also join online by signing on at sbr3.org. 

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100% Renewable, Reliable, Resilient Energy Now!

South Santa Barbara County is at risk for a devastating blackout. The SBR3: Santa Barbara Reliable, Resilient, Renewable project seeks to address this risk while also accelerating the shift to 100% renewable energy.

This sign-on page is gaining traction across the county; it serves as a demonstration of the will of the community to inspire local leaders in business, politics, and activism to get behind the shift to a local renewable energy system as quickly as possible.


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  • South Santa Barbara County is completely grid-dependent, generating very little of its own power.
  • We’re at the very end of the grid – almost all of our power comes over one set of transmission lines.
  • SCE has identified these transmission lines as AT RISK for catastrophic failure from fire, earthquake, or heavy rains, which would cause a crippling, extended blackout of weeks or even months.


  • South Santa Barbara County needs local power generating facilities to deliver 100% reliable energy.
  • Our local energy system must be reliable and resilient in the face of natural disaster or terrorism.
  • Local renewable power creates jobs and invigorates our economy, while eliminating our carbon footprint!

Santa Barbara County needs energy independence now!

The best path forward is to generate, store, and distribute renewable energy locally. We need an all-out effort to deploy solar PV panels, microgrid technologies, and a local energy storage system to free us from grid dependency and protect us from massive blackouts while allowing us to transition to 100% renewable energy.


(Read more about the SBR3: Santa Barbara Reliable, Resilient, Renewable project here.)

signed Close Diablo: Once Through Cooling 2014-10-21 18:35:17 -0700

Diablo Canyon Needs to Close or Build Cooling Towers

Diablo_Canyon_Crop.pngPG&E must stop killing sea life - either build cooling towers or SHUT DOWN DIABLO CANYON!

PG&E has requested that the California State Water Resources Board (Water Board) allow them an unprecedented exemption for their lack of cooling towers at the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant. Basically, they're saying the towers would be too expensive to build. But independent experts (along with the California Energy Commission and the California Public Utilities Commission) have concluded that this is not so, and that cooling towers can and should be built. (For more info, click here).

Please let the Water Board know how you feel about all that hot water cooking the bay. Diablo Canyon’s antiquated OTC system draws in about 2.5 billion gallons of water a day and discharges hot water back into the ocean, killing more than one billion young fish and other species annually. The power plant is responsible for nearly 80% of all OTC ocean water withdrawals in California. Don’t let PG&E gut the state’s water and marine protection policy.

Please sign this letter to the Members of the State Water Board encouraging them to require cooling towers at Diablo Canyon as soon as possible: letters must be received by November 4.

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