Josianne Sculley

signed Say No to Gas Turbine Plant in Ellwood, CA via 2015-07-16 17:34:35 -0700
SEC, We want Central Coast fossil fuel free. Stop the ruination of our environment and the dirty gas/oil industry. It’s time you step up to renewable clean energy. Look at Marin County for example. Invest in clean renewable energy or you will find yourself left out in the cold…and dark.

Say No to Gas Turbine Plant in Ellwood, CA

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Southern California Edison wants to rebuild a gas-fired power plant in Ellwood!

Our community thinks this is a bad idea because:

-It would be located less than 1000 feet from Ellwood Elementary School!

-It would create a heath risk because the plant would emit cancer-causing particulates. -The noise pollution would be as bad as a freight train running around the clock.

-The plant would cost ratepayers $32 million as a “stranded asset” if forced to close within 10 years due to excessive carbon emissions.

-It would not solve our local energy reliability or resiliency problems.

-We would prefer that SCE invest in renewable energy to meet our local energy needs! 

We need real solutions. Santa Barbara Resilient, Reliable, Renewable is a campaign of The Safe Energy Project and strives to create, store and distribute 100% renewable energy locally within five years, so that no neighborhood has to be a sacrifice zone for the sake of energy production. You can also join online by signing on at