Cool Down Diablo

 diablocanyon_wikicommons.jpgThe Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant is causing catastrophic damage to local ecosystems, disrupting the environment that seals, sea otters and other marine life need to survive. But PG&E -- the utility company   that operates the plant -- is fighting against installing modern systems that would reduce the damage done to sea life. PG&E wants an exemption to California law to keep spewing hot water from the antiquated system at the last nuclear plant in California into the ocean, killing billions of sea creatures. This has potentially disastrous impacts in California, where tourism and fishing are key to the economy. 

Don’t let PG&E gut the state’s water and marine protection policy at Diablo Canyon! Please send a letter by November 4 letting the Water Board know how you feel about all that hot water.

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Join the Codepink “PG&E Ratepayer Revolt” @ PG&E Ratepayer Revolt: Close Diablo Now!
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