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100% Renewable, Reliable, Resilient Energy Now!

South Santa Barbara County is at risk for a devastating blackout. The SBR3: Santa Barbara Reliable, Resilient, Renewable project seeks to address this risk while also accelerating the shift to 100% renewable energy.

This sign-on page is gaining traction across the county; it serves as a demonstration of the will of the community to inspire local leaders in business, politics, and activism to get behind the shift to a local renewable energy system as quickly as possible.


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  • South Santa Barbara County is completely grid-dependent, generating very little of its own power.
  • We’re at the very end of the grid – almost all of our power comes over one set of transmission lines.
  • SCE has identified these transmission lines as AT RISK for catastrophic failure from fire, earthquake, or heavy rains, which would cause a crippling, extended blackout of weeks or even months.


  • South Santa Barbara County needs local power generating facilities to deliver 100% reliable energy.
  • Our local energy system must be reliable and resilient in the face of natural disaster or terrorism.
  • Local renewable power creates jobs and invigorates our economy, while eliminating our carbon footprint!

Santa Barbara County needs energy independence now!

The best path forward is to generate, store, and distribute renewable energy locally. We need an all-out effort to deploy solar PV panels, microgrid technologies, and a local energy storage system to free us from grid dependency and protect us from massive blackouts while allowing us to transition to 100% renewable energy.


(Read more about the SBR3: Santa Barbara Reliable, Resilient, Renewable project here.)

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The Safe Energy Project

For a Thriving World


San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant to Permanently Close

Groups including World Business Academy’s Safe Energy Project successfully lobby for closure

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A major goal of the World Business Academy’s Safe Energy Project has been achieved – Southern California Edison (SCE) has finally given in to public and regulatory pressure and decided to permanently close the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS).

“Looking ahead,” said Ron Litzinger, SCE’s President, “we think that our decision to retire the units will eliminate uncertainty and facilitate orderly planning for California’s energy future.”

This decision comes after years of pressure from public interest organizations such as The Utility Reform Network, Friends of the Earth, and Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility, which have been demanding real oversight from regulators. The World Business Academy recently joined this effort as an intervener in hearings before the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to make the business case on the economic risks of SONGS both to ratepayers and to the economy of California.

Despite today’s SCE announcement, our work continues. Dr. Jerry Brown, Director of the Academy Safe Energy Project states: “The World Business Academy has argued before the California Public Utilities Commission that the $1.2 billion in costs of the SONGS steam generator replacement, breakdown and power outage should not be passed on to SCE customers.” We will continue to pursue a consumer refund.

The World Business Academy is a nonprofit business think tank. Our mission is to inspire business to assume responsibility for the whole of society by changing the consciousness of leaders, students and the public. 

One Down and One to Go!

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The Safe Energy Project is an initiative of the World Business Academy’s continuing efforts since 1997 to monitor and report on the carcinogenic health effects of the “normal operations” of America’s l04 nuclear power plants.

The Project’s goals are straightforward and achievable: to permanently close California’s two remaining nuclear power plants and replace them with renewable energy, thereby reducing the risk of cancer for people living nearby. Hopefully, this will be the “shot heard round the world” that will proclaim the beginning of the end of nuclear power.

We started with the last two operating reactors in California:

San Onofre, which has been shut down since January 2012 due to releases of radioactivity into the environment, and was just permanently shut down, with the news released on June 8, 2013!

Diablo Canyon, which is located on the coast near two major earthquake faults, exposing Californians to the risk of a Fukushima-type accident

The public health benefits of this Project are compelling. The accidental and federally permitted releases of radioactivity by these nuclear power plants have contributed to increased illness and death, especially from breast, prostate and childhood cancer among people living within 100 miles. Radioactive Strontium-90 emitted by U.S. reactor operations has now exceeded the levels of Sr-90 found in 1963, at the height of atmospheric bomb testing during the Cold War − when President Kennedy signed the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.

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