New Business Paradigms – April 9, 2014

New Business Podcasts with World Business Academy on BlogTalkRadio

In this month’s show, World Business Academy President Rinaldo S. Brutoco and Academy Executive Director Matt Renner discuss a massive and underreported story that could immediately shift the global economic paradigm and possibly reshape our civilization. Really.

In addition, the hosts discussed the outlook for the domestic economy and the various factors that are keeping the Academy’s GDP estimate of 2.75-3% growth for 2014 on track.

Our guest this month is Deb Nelson, Executive Director of Social Venture Network. Her organization is on the cutting edge of the movement that is waking the investing world up to undeniable facts, which have the potential to force action on climate change and destabilize the biggest offenders. This is an interview that should not be missed.

The “Lightning Round” covered the Academy’s outlook for action by the Federal Reserve, the stock market and residential and commercial real estate.

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