New Business Paradigms – February 13, 2014

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Our second show of 2014 and comes in the midst of some pretty wild weather. It feels like we say this almost every month, but the new “normal” is anything but. We discuss the short term and long term ramifications of our rapidly destabilizing climate and how you can work to protect yourself and help shift the world away from climate disaster.

The Academy is a leading voice in the push for a shift to a holistic and robust planetary fuel system that could make 100% renewable, carbon-free energy a reality using existing technology. We get into the details in the show. Also, we discuss the Obamacare enrollment numbers and make a revision to our prediction for US GDP growth this year.

The show starts with a discussion of the shift that we’re seeing in Congress this month. By today’s standards, there’s been a flurry of legislative activity – two whole bills of consequence made it through the partisan gridlock. Those bills were the Farm Bill and a bill to raise the nation’s borrowing limit.

In the middle of the show there’s an announcement about some upcoming Academy events in March, 2014:

Third Anniversary Fukushima Commemoration

Deepak Chopra in Santa Barbara


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