New Business Paradigms – June 12, 2014

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In June’s episode, our hosts discuss the realization among the world’s financial elite of the looming crises and their implications for the global economy.

Usually talk of collapse is reserved for fringe discourse. However, Rinaldo recently attended a conference in London, in which the topic of societal breakdown as a result of economic inequality and global warming was front and center. He’ll give you his takeaways and the implications.

Our hosts also discussed the deepening political chaos in Iraq as it breaks apart. This situation and the ongoing civil wars in the Middle East are explained in Rinaldo’s 2007 article “Iraq” – Exit from a Quagmire, which details the social forces at work tearing the region apart. 

Additionally our hosts discuss the war within the Republican Party in the US, the political changes taking place in India, and a reborn renewable energy technology that uses the ocean’s heat to create electricity.

In the Lightning Round, Rinaldo gives his outlook for inflation, oil prices, real estate, bonds, stocks, and gold.

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