New Business Paradigms – May 8, 2014

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In our May show, our hosts discuss the ongoing and often ignored crisis at Fukushima – the single most concerning crisis on the planet right now. Fukushima is even more of a threat than climate change and the international community is mostly ignoring it.

Other topics include the recent shift in awareness regarding climate change and the new government report on the present effect climate change is having on the US, the ongoing crisis in Ukraine and Russia’s overreach, the US economy with a focus on the jobs picture and GDP.

The focus of the show was Community Choice Aggregation, a policy that exists in six states including California, which allows for communities to democratize decisions about where to buy their electricity.  This one policy change has allowed Marin County to achieve their greenhouse gas reduction goals eight years ahead of schedule and save power customers $5.9 million all while switching to renewable energy. The same policy allowed the city of Chicago to transition off of nuclear and coal power completely in just 18 months. This is a must-hear segment.

In the Lightning Round, Rinaldo discussed the rising threat of inflation and introduced an investment fund which our listeners can buy into to have their savings protected in the same way he manages his savings.

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